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Mike Roskelley


Mike describes his first visit to a professional studio as "magic". 25 years later, that enthusiasm has not dwindled, as he now owns and operates his own world-class mixing and mastering facility.   

A love for music and sound started in high-school when Mike purchased a bass and a guitar from his neighbor, and playing-by-ear, started teaching himself Pink Floyd and Rush songs. 

That learn-by-doing approach put him behind one of the first Pro Tools workstations Digidesign marketed. "I could get thousands of dollars in debt by going to school, and come out of it with only theory, or I could get my own rig and develop in-the-world experience".

The DIY theme continued when he made the decision to design and build his own mixing/mastering facility. "I was lucky to work in some wonderful world-class facilities over the years, becoming acquainted with pro-audio gear, mastering my craft, and building relationships, but I always knew that I would eventually want to be doing my own thing". Click here for an in-depth write up about the goals and intent behind designing his own room. 


Mike balances work and passion for music & sound with relationship & time in the local Wasatch mountains. "The quality of my work improved significantly when I scaled back from a seven day week, with sixteen-hour work days, down to a five day week, working only nine hours a day, and started enjoying more time with my gorgeous, smart wife and precocious, vibrant daughter, and also caring for my health by taking advantage of our easily accessible trail running and ski mountains".  

Mike lives with his wife and daughter in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

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