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Mike Roskelley

\\ Mixing Mastering Music-Making //

Scott Johnson  \\How To Train Your Dragon, Twilight, The Town//

"Top notch gear, yadda yadda... brilliant engineering skills, blah blah blah... at the end of the day, the reason I love working with Mike is because he gets it. His intuition isn't something you can buy. He is, simply stated, a hugely talented, fun guy who takes as much pride and joy in blowing people's mind as any other artist I've ever had the pleasure to work with, alpha-omega-mike."

Chance Thomas  \\Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons//

"Video games are big business and competition is fierce for scoring the top titles.  I’m up against guys like Hans Zimmer and Michael Giacchino, so I have to deliver a knock-out punch.  Mixing artist Mike Roskelley helps me do just that.  He’s got terrific musical instincts and great technical chops.  He’s savvy to what’s new and possible sonically.  And here’s a guy who will work just as hard as you will on your music.  I give Mike my highest possible recommendation."

John Hancock  \\Kaskade, Late Night Alumni, Film & TV composer//

"Mike has the rare combination of creative vision and surgeon-like attention to detail. He has "paid his dues" in full, successfully mixing every possible music style over the years. He consistently brings out the best in the artist's work and always brings a surprising creative element of his own to the final product. I rely on his talent to finish every project I'm involved with. Nothing but gratitude and respect."

Nate Pyfer  \\The Moth & The Flame, Mideau, Polytype, Fictionist//

"What impresses me most about Mike is how quickly he catches the vision for a song. He's not content with just setting some levels and calling it good. He takes such a creative approach to the mixing process. Mike understands my ideas, and then helps me realize them in bigger and better ways. It's always exciting listening to his mix for the first time, knowing it's gonna have those little gems that I would've never expected."

Ronit Kirchman  \\The Sinner, Now You See Me, The Skin I'm In//

"Mike Roskelley is a uniquely gifted engineer who brings deep musical understanding, versatility, exceptional technical precision and a spirit of adventure to each project. In our work together, he has been a fantastic creative collaborator who really tunes into the music and finds ingenious ways to extend its impact and expressivity. Whether he is mixing film music, dance tunes, or good ol' rock and roll, Mike Roskelley is truly awesome!!"

Craig Poole \\Kaskade, The Strike, Joslyn, Melodie Blume//

"Mike's integrity and commitment to making each mix right is never in question. His passion for every project is infectious and a breath of fresh air! His room and gear are versatile and top notch. I always know I'll get a top industry level mix. Thanks Mike!"




Salt Lake City



Orchestral, EDM, Rock, Singer/Song-Writer, Pop

in short: if it's music, Mike mixes it!

\\years active//




Mixing and Mastering

Stereo & 5.1 Surround




\\self employeed//

Slippery Slope Studios

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